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The purpose of the Child, Youth and Family Committee is to provide members with current, practical, and clinically-relevant information and materials on issues pertaining to the treatment of children, youth, and families.  Additionally, the Committee promotes SDPA within the San Diego community by providing useful information to the general public.


One of the ways that this Committee accomplishes its purpose is through continuing education events.  The Committee has made positive connections with other organizations and agencies in San Diego.  In addition, the Committee has joined forces with the Public Education and Media Committee to promote the “Youth Violence Prevention - Warning Signs" education outreach program.  

The Child, Youth and Family Committee works to interface with the community at large, organizations, agencies and mental health professionals, all of whom work with the children and adolescents of San Diego.  Through collaboration and networking, we strive to promote awareness and to educate and empower those in the San Diego community who work with children and families; including parents, teachers, other school personnel, coaches, and a variety of mental health professionals.  Ultimately, the Committee aims to help San Diego children and youth achieve their true educational, social and emotional potential.  

In 2021, the committee began meeting to support members who are working with youth in the community during the Covid-19 pandemic. This year has created new and unprecedented challenges for the mental health of children and families, as well as for the clinicians serving them. The group operates as a consultation opportunity and serves as a source of support and resources for our members. Anyone working with youth and families is welcome to attend the monthly meeting.

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