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Contact Name      
Dr. Shenk

P:  858-450-1101

City:  San Diego 
State: Ca

Expiration: 12/6/22

Dr. Shenk, Director of The Cognitive Therapy Institute (CTI), would like to inform you that we currently have openings (max 8 members) to join his open-ended OCD Therapy Group.  Group is held online every Tuesday morning from 9:30 - 11 am.

Group Goals and Objectives:   This group focuses consistently on using the empirically based ERP treatment approach, providing education, guidance, and accountability in developing and implementing ERP.  Additional CBT strategies, and group support, are used judicially to augment motivation and the ERP treatment at times. This group can be an excellent adjunct to individual ERP sessions with another therapist, or to support after care following a more intensive IOP or PH program, but may be adequate by itself with mild OCD, in conjunction with an effective psychotropic med intervention, as a continuation of treatment, or for relapse prevention.  The group will include 5-10 members and is designed to offer treatment, not simply support.  The program is intended to bring significant progress in 20 weeks, but is open-ended and offers longer-term treatment and support for those who need or prefer that option.


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