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Events included in the list below are CE events produced and accredited by other professionals/associations that may be of interest to SDPA members.

    • 11/22/2019
    • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • SDPC

    Suicide Prevention & Treatment Workshop - 6 CEs


    2 CEs


    November 22, 2019 
    9:00 am - 3:00 pm

    4455 Morena Blvd.
    Ste 202
    San Diego, CA 92117

    Beginning January 2020, all psychologists renewing their license will be required to complete a 6-hour training on suicide risk assessment and intervention.  We are offering a day of education which includes:  Evidence Based Suicide Prevention (Including Epidemiology, Risk, Prevention, Safety Planning and Therapeutic Interventions);  Suicide Bereavement – Supportive Interventions and Complicated Grief Therapy; and Collateral Damages – Supporting Clinicians in the Aftermath of Client/Patient Suicide.  Our instructors are Sidney Zisook, MD, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry at UCSD, and Alana Iglewicz, MD, Associate Training Director, UCSD.   

    Educational Objective(s)

    • Identify evidence based suicide prevention, including epidemiology, risk assessment, safety planning, and therapeutic interventions.
    • Demonstrate an awareness of suicide bereavement: how to support family members post suicide
    • Demonstrate an awareness of the impact of suicide on clinicians, and how to support clinicians in the aftermath of patient suicide.

    Presenter Information

    Sidney Zisook, M.D., is director of the University of California, San Diego Residency Training Program, and a Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry at UCSD. Dr. Zisook received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Berkeley and his medical degree from Stritch-Loyola, Chicago. He completed his residency in Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and was a clinical fellow of Harvard Medical School.

    Alana Iglewicz, M.D., Is Associate Training Director, Dr. Iglewicz, went to medical school at the University of Pittsburg and completed her residency at UCSD. Dr. Iglewicz  has taken the leadership role of strengthening the curriculum and clinical experience for psychotherapy throughout all the entire residency experience.

    • 12/06/2019
    • 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • Marina Village Conference Center

    The Neurobiology of Trauma: What To Do When You Are Stuck - 3 CEs



    December 6, 2019 
    8:00 am - 11:00 am

    Marina Village Conference Center
    1936 Quivira Way
    Room C-1
    San Diego, CA 92109

    Faculty:  Dr. Bridgett Ross, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY#22304). Intermediate level course appropriate for licensed clinical staff in private practice, community clinics, hospitals and other facilities treating trauma disorders.
    This workshop is well-grounded in research and will teach you:
     (a) how effective treatments aim to rewire the brain.
     (b) how our naturally adaptive stress response changes when impacted by trauma.
     (c) how trauma and chronic stress wire the brain for a life of danger/threat/fear.
    Gain the skills to effectively share this information with your clients in order to help them understand the importance of engaging in evidence-based treatments to help heal from past trauma.


    $89 Individuals
    $79 Groups of 3-5
    $69 Groups of 6 or more

    ** Early Bird Registration! If you register before 11/6/19
    $74 Individuals
    $69 Groups of 3-5
    $64 Groups of 6 or more

    Day of Event: Sign-In/Registration is from 7:30am - 8:00am. Class starts promptly at 8:00am. Must be present for full class to obtain CE credit.


Past events

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06/14/2019 Community CE Event -Desire to Help in Trying Times: Ethically Responding to Disasters
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05/08/2019 Community Event - The Real Word
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03/29/2019 Community Event - Update of Laws Affecting the Practice of Psychology
10/27/2018 Community Event CE Event - LACPA Annual Convention
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10/01/2018 Community CE Event - Navy SEAL Foundation Impact Forum
09/28/2018 Community CE Event - California Sleep Society Educational
09/22/2018 Community CE Event - Walk to End Alzheimer
09/14/2018 CPA CE Event - Essentials in Clinical Psychopharmacology for Aging Adults
09/13/2018 Community CE Event - Early Childhood Mental Health Conference
09/08/2018 Community CE Event - Seeking Safety
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06/27/2018 Community CE Event - ABPsi International Convention
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03/30/2018 Community CE Event - Medical & Healthcare Privacy Breach Compliance
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02/10/2018 Community CE Event - The Power of Specificity Theory
01/20/2018 Community CE Event - Motivational Interviewing
01/13/2018 Community CE Event - Treating Borderline Personality Disorder
11/16/2017 Community CE Event - Applying CBT
11/15/2017 Community CE Event - ABCT Eating Disorders
11/14/2017 Community CE Event - Blocks in Addiction
11/06/2017 Community CE Event - Navy SEAL Foundation Impact Forum
11/04/2017 Community CE Event - Child Psychoanalysis
11/03/2017 Community CE Event - Post Traumatic Growth
11/03/2017 Community CE Event - Chronic Adolescent Sexual Abuse
10/28/2017 Community CE Event - The Hidden Life of Families
10/14/2017 Community CE Event - Ethics and Risk Management
10/13/2017 SDPA Member CE Event - MMPI-2
10/13/2017 Community CE Event - Eating Disorders
10/08/2017 Community CE Event - 4th Annual OCPA Convention
09/24/2017 Community CE Event - IVAT Summit
08/18/2017 Community CE Event - Networking, Presentation, Tour
08/04/2017 Community CE Event - Integrating Mind, Body & DBT

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