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The Cultural Diversity Committee serves the members of SDPA by providing consultations, continuing education training, professional development, and resources related to serving clients from diverse and underrepresented groups.  Aligning our goals with those of CPA and APA, the committee meets monthly to discuss guidelines in multicultural competence in clinical work, methods to enhance multicultural competence for students, early career and seasoned psychologists, and develop initiatives that benefit the communities we represent directly.  The Committee upholds a social justice perspective within the didactics, resources, professional development, and community outreach we provide.  The Committee strives to educate professionals in order to enhance cultural understanding and unique issues related to diversity.  By providing ongoing didactics, professional development, mentorship, and consultation opportunities, and by collaborating with other organizations on a local, state and national level, the Committee and its members strive to reach its goals for the better good of all.  

Cross-Cultural Guidelines

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