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The purpose of the Early Career Professionals (ECP) Committee is to facilitate the growth and development of Early Career Professionals within SDPA and in the greater San Diego psychological community.  

If you are interested in serving on this Committee, please contact our Office Manager.



Dr. Lindsay Elizondo Chair of Early Career Professionals

ECP is committed to advocating for its members in the Association.  According to the American Psychological Association, early career refers to a mental health professional within ten years of receipt of their doctorate/degree. The ECP Committee also welcomes those who have recently started private practice.  If you are interested in participating in this Committee please contact our Office Manager.
The goals of the Committee are as follows:

  • Advocating on behalf of SDPA's ECP's
  • Developing events, resources, and networking opportunities unique to the needs of ECP's
  • Actively seeking participation of ECP's who represent diversity in all areas and activities
  • Promoting greater awareness of the benefits of SDPA and CPA membership for ECP's as well as working to expand the benefits of those associations for ECPs
  • Representing the interest and concerns of ECP's throughout SDPA to the Board

The San Diego Psychological Association has a number of committees that all function differently. The co-chairs of the Early Career Professionals Committee wanted to share some information about ECP since it is one of the active committees.

Who qualifies as an Early Career Professional?

According to APA and CPA, it is anyone within 10 years of graduation. SDPA’s ECP also includes anyone within 10 years of starting private practice as part of the definition. Many SDPA members qualify as ECPs without realizing it.

What kind of professionals are members of ECP?   

We are lucky to have all kinds of mental health professionals in the committee and we have had other early career professionals from other professions join us as well.

What does “geared towards ECP” mean on the events notifications?

Everyone is welcome to attend ECP events, but the information at the events is focused on what ECPs would need to know. This means that it may not be helpful to you if you are not an ECP because we will likely be going over information you already know.  

What does being in the ECP Committee entail?  

ECP does not have regular meetings and instead only has events. Most ECPs are busy so the committee is best served by regular events where members can meet one another and learn.

There is also an email list that we use to pass on referral requests, job opportunities, etc. Anyone in SDPA is welcome and encouraged to ask to have their information sent to the group via email.

How might ECP members’ needs differ from the rest of SDPA?

ECPs make up a small percentage of SDPA’s membership. They do not always see the benefit of being members of SDPA. ECPs tend to have over $300,000 in student debt when they graduate. Their debt often gets larger over time due to the high interest rates, which means they are often working multiple jobs and/or being entrepreneurial.

ECPs are often starting practices in a competitive digital age, where the how-to’s are ever changing. Additionally, they crave peer relationships and a space to learn together.

Is there a chance to collaborate with the  ECP Committee?

Yes! We welcome collaboration and would be appreciative of colleagues sending us ideas for events and having other committees put on events with ECP. Creating the events takes time and effort so help is wonderful. 

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