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The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) is a standing committee.  The purpose of the Government Affairs Committee shall be to monitor legislation that impacts the practice of psychology and mental health care and to advocate in the interest of members and the community on these relevant issues.  The Committee shall also inform SDPA members about legislative action and the importance of involvement in legislative affairs.  Where possible, the Committee shall collaborate with the California Psychological Association (CPA) to accomplish these purposes.  The Government Affairs Committee shall be advisory only and shall not be authorized to act on behalf of the Board.  The chair and members of this Committee shall be appointed by the Board with preference for recommendations of the Committee.   The terms of the chair and members of this Committee shall be one year.  The Board may reappoint the chair and members for additional terms.  The Committee also assists the Board by collecting, reviewing and recommending nominations for the SDPA Legislative Award.  

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NOTE TO MEMBERS:  The Government Affairs Committee carries out its purpose by meeting with and influencing local legislators on issues relating to psychology and mental health care.  The Committee also works in conjunction with CPA, governmental agencies and/or their representatives to educate and inform SDPA members about the latest legislative actions and the importance of active professional involvement in legislative affairs.  The Committee knows how easy it is for professionals to focus on daily demands and to presume someone else will do the work of legislative advocacy.  In the era of managed care, psychologists must take a more active role in ensuring the future of our profession.  The Committee would like to extend an invitation to members to join with our Committee to enhance our legislators' awareness of the issues important to our profession.  


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CPA and SDPA now rely on a grassroots approach to influencing state legislators on bills important to you and your practice.  We really need your support to be successful in these efforts.  We recently heard some interesting statistics.  The California Medical Association members annually contribute $1.3 million to their Political Action Committee (PAC), which gives the CMA considerable support and legislative influence.  On the other hand, our CPA-PAC had a total budget on $30,000.  There are approximately 24,000 MFTs in California.  On average, those MFTs contribute $7 per person to their professional PAC.  There are approximately 14,000 psychologists in California and their yearly average of giving is $2 per person.  Although hypothetically we would assume that psychologists make more money than MFTs, psychologists' level of giving appears to be much smaller, and hence, our resources for political action are proportionally reduced.  Psychologists give less per member than any other of the healing arts.  This very limited financial base has forced us to reduce our support to a small, select group of legislators.

We would ask that you donate any amount (suggested is $50-$100 or the cost of one therapy session).  CPA affects the practice of psychology on a day-to-day- and year-to-year basis in many positive ways.

Donate to CPA-PAC

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