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The Nominations, Elections & Awards Committee is responsible for obtaining nominations of qualified candidates for election to the Board.  Any voting member of SDPA may nominate a candidate for election to the Board and self-nominations are permitted.  The Nominations, Elections & Awards Committee reviews the list of nominated candidates to be sure qualification criteria are met and submits the list to the Board for approval. The list of candidates with their information and statements are sent to the voting members in September.  Electronic ballot are sent out in early October with the deadline of completion by November 1. 

The Nominations, Elections & Awards Committee consists of three to five members that include the Past President as chair, the President-Elect as vice-chair, and an additional Board member.  The Committee may also include two (2) non-Board voting members.  


The SDPA Board consists of fifteen members: President, President-Elect, Past President, Treasurer, Secretary, Graduate Student Representative and nine Members at Large. President, President-Elect, Past President, and Graduate Student Representative positions serve for one-year.  Note that the President obligation involves a three-year commitment in total, President-Elect, President, and Past President.  All other Board positions serve for two years and the terms are staggered so that each year approximately half term out and those seats need to be filled.  For 2020, nine Board positions need to be filled, President-Elect (President in 2021), Treasurer, and seven Members at Large. Five Members-at-Large positions need to be filled due to term limits and two due to resignations.

A candidate for the Board must, with the exception of the Graduate Student Representative, be an active Full Member of SDPA.  The Graduate Student Representative must be an active Graduate Student Member of SDPA. Descriptions of Board positions are presented below.


President-Elect (President in 2021)

The President-Elect serves on the Board for one year prior to becoming President and serves on the Finance and Nominations, Elections & Awards Committees.  In addition, the President-Elect serves as a voting ex-officio member of all committees and task forces.

The President is the chief executive officer of SDPA and, subject to control of the Board, generally supervises and directs the activity of the Association.  The President continues to serve on the Board the year following the Presidency as Past President.  Thus, the Presidency involves a three year commitment.


The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the Association.  This officer  supervises its funds and the maintenance of its accounting records. The Treasurer provides reports to the Board and the membership on the financial status of the Association.


Members-at-Large represent the membership broadly on the Board.  As a matter of current policy, each Member-at-Large is assigned to be liaison to a certain group of committees and will report at each meeting the status of those committees.  See Board Positions and Responsibilities for more detail on the responsibilities of each Member-at-Large position.  The specific Member-at-Large positions open for nomination currently are:

Members-at-Large  Membership

Member-at-Large  Government Affairs

Member-at-Large  Community

Member-at-Large  Professional Specialties

Member-at-Large  Diversity

Member-at-Large  Marketing (due to resignation)

Member-at-Large  Continuing Education (due to resignation)

If you have questions or are interested in nominating a candidate for the Board, please contact:

Cynthia A. Cotter, Ph.D., Chair
2019 Nominations, Elections & Awards Committee.

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