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Psychology 2000 is a pro bono therapy service designed to help people "caught in the middle" of the current health care system.  There are over 680,000 people in the County of San Diego without health insurance.  Many of these people also cannot afford to pay for mental health care themselves. And, because many are from working families, they also do not qualify for public assistance or health insurance through Medi-Cal or Medicare.  So when they are under stress and have emotional problems, it can be very difficult to get the services needed. In exchange for pro bono therapy, participants in Psychology 2000 are asked to donate one hour of volunteer community service for each hour of psychological services provided by SDPA member psychologists.  Volunteer work helps our community and helping others also benefits the volunteer.  In order to help the greatest number of people possible, Psychology 2000 targets people who can benefit from relatively short-term therapy.  If you are interested in applying for pro bono services through Psychology 2000, please contact the Committee Chair.

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