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The Public Education Media (PEM) Committee's mission is to educate the San Diego community about psychology by providing up-to-date, expert information on psychologically-relevant topics and issues.  This information is provided free-of-charge as a public service by SDPA members who volunteer their time and are trained by the PEM Committee in media presentation.  Additionally, the Committee operates a Speaker Service, which provides opportunities for SDPA members, as speakers, to interface with a variety of community organizations as well as the media.  Finally, the PEM Committee identifies and provides nominations to the Nominations, Elections, & Awards Committee for the annual SDPA Media Award.  This award is given to a member of the San Diego media who has made a significant contribution to the mental health community in the past year, as a result of their coverage of psychological and/or mental health issues.   The Committee publishes the Mental Health Monday feature in the weekly on-line news SDPA Perspectives.  

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Tami Magaro (Office Manager)
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