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2017 SDPA Fall Conference Presentations/Handouts

Hidden in Plain Sight: Decoding the Body Language of Trauma

  • Bonnie Goldstein Ph.D., Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

Brain to Brain, Body to Body: Teaching Embedded Relational Mindfulness in Youth, Individual and Group Therapy

  • Bonnie Goldstein Ph.D., Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

The Drama in Trauma: Transference and Countertransference Crises in Psychotherapy with Traumatized Clients

  • Constance Dalenberg Ph.D., Trauma Research Institute, Alliant International University

Beginning Anew: Refugees and Asylum Seekers 

  • Dawn Stary Ph.D., Survivors of Torture

Shadow on the Heart: Undocumented Immigrants, DREAMers and Their Loved Ones

  • Mariela Shibley Psy.D., Bi-Cultural Specialist

A Perfect Storm: Transforming Trauma with Mental Imagery - No handouts

  • Michelle Warfield Ph.D., Creative Imagination Specialist

  Books by Dr. Quick

  • Ellen Quick Ph.D., Psychiatric Centers at San Diego, Inc.

A Crack in the Foundation: Healing Developmental Trauma in Couples Therapy

  • Linda Collins Ph.D.
  • Trish Stanley Psy.D., MFT, The Center for Couples Therapy

When Grief Derails: How to Help Clients Get Back on Track
  Complicated Grief Overview 
  Complicated Grief 
  Complicated Grief Therapy as a New Treatment Approach
  Bereavement: Course, Consequences, and Care
  Suicide Bereavement and Complicated Grief

  • Sidney Zisook M.D., Distinguished Professor, UCSD Department of Psychiatry
  • Alana Iglewicz M.D. UCSD Department of Psychiatry
  • Danielle Glorioso LCSW, UCSD Complicated Grief Multi-Site Study Team
    with Ariceli Sanchez

Whole Healing: Integrative Medicine Solutions for Depression, Anxiety and Sleep Problems
  • Janna Larson M.D., Psychiatrist, Integrative Medicine Physician

Living a Valued Life: Integrating Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
and Mindfulness into Trauma Treatment

  • Alexandra Laifer Ph.D., Co-Chair SDPA Mindfulness Committee

Lasting Legacy: Using Dignity Therapy to Enhance Meaning at the End of Life

  • Lori Montroll-Thomas Ph.D., Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health

Beyond Words: Equine Therapy as a Bridge to Trust for Traumatized Clients
  The Impact of a Horse Riding Intervention on the Social Functioning of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy
  Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy as a Complementary Treatment Intervention

  • Renee Sievert LMFT, RN, Master Equus Facilitator
  • Tufia Steidle, Psy.D., Certified Equine Psychotherapist and Owner

Therapist, Protect Thyself:
Preventing Trauma Contagion When Working with Disturbing Events

  • Charles Nelson Ph.D., Director, Crime and Trauma Recovery Program and Director of Change with Direction 

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