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Events included in the list below are events officially produced by SDPA committees.

    • 09/06/2019
    • 2:00 PM
    • 5580 Overland Avenue, Suite 100, San Diego

    We want you to join our Disaster Psychology Committee because the existing members are aging out!  We are an innovative, forward thinking group but we need fresh minds, experience and ideas for the future!! 

    September 6, 2019
    2:00 pm
    5580 Overland Avenue, Suite 100
    San Diego, CA 92123-1294

    As an introduction to this area of psychology practice, we invite you to go with us on a tour of the SD County Office of Emergency Operations (OES) in Kearny Mesa. This opportunity is unique and informative!  You will learn how our county is prepared for natural and man-made disasters, more about your role as a clinician and citizen, how you can counsel your clientele and options for training in disaster preparedness and response. 

    Contact Dr. Wendy Tayer at:  wtayer@ucsd.eduwith your RSVP, questions or comments.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Past events

06/20/2019 SDPA CE Event - Global and Diverse Leadership
05/29/2019 SDPA Committee - Informed Consent Forms: Updating and Best Practices
05/04/2019 SDPA CE Event - Multiple Pathways in Addiction Recovery: How to Respond to Common Challenges
04/23/2019 SDPA ECP Networking Event - Banter, Business and Beer
11/28/2018 SDPA Committee Event - Cyber Security For Your Practice
09/26/2018 SDPA Committee - Complementary Colleagues Shindig
09/22/2018 SDPA Committee - Internet Safety for Kids and Adults
08/18/2018 SDPA Committee - Mindfulness Meeting
08/09/2018 SDPA Committee - More Than Meets the Eye: The Psychology of Twins
07/14/2018 SDPA Walking in Pride Parade
07/10/2018 SDPA Committee Addictions Meeting
06/20/2018 SDPA Committee (ECP) Mental Health Billing
06/16/2018 SDPA Committee - Mindfulness Committee Meeting
05/18/2018 SDPA Committee Event - Tour of JFS
04/22/2018 SDPA Committee (ECP) Psychotherapist and Psychiatrist Mixer
04/15/2018 SDPA Committee Event - Mindfulness Walk
04/12/2018 SDPA Committee Event - Suds, Students, and Speakers!
04/06/2018 SDPA Committee Event - Family Therapy
03/25/2018 SDPA Committee (PEM) Event - Dinner Case Conference in Del Mar
03/20/2018 SDPA Committee (Addiction) Meeting
03/19/2018 SDPA Committee (Forensic) Dinner Meeting
03/14/2018 SDPA Committee (Science Fair) Event - GSDSEF
03/01/2018 SDPA Committee Event (Children and Adolescents) - Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth
02/25/2018 SDPA Committee Event - Mindfulness
02/24/2018 SDPA Committee Event (Cultural Diversity & LGBT) Cultural/Gender Identity
02/09/2018 SDPA Committee Event (Children Youth Family) - Dyslexia
02/07/2018 SDPA Committee Event (ECP) - Cocktails, Colleagues, and Catharsis
01/20/2018 SDPA CE Event - Media Training
11/18/2017 SDPA Committee Event - Support for Military
10/21/2017 SDPA Committee Event - Gamers
10/11/2017 SDPA Committee Event - Empathy and the Entrepreneur
10/07/2017 SDPA Committee Event - Group Therapy Training Workshop

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