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The Continuing Education Committee (CE) is a standing committee.  The purpose of the Continuing Education Committee shall be to manage the process of developing and reviewing continuing education courses to meet the training interests and needs of SDPA members and to assure compliance with procedures and standards associated with the SDPA's status as an APA accrediting entity. The CE Committee shall be advisory only and shall not be authorized to act on behalf of the Board.  The CE Committee shall consist of as many members as the Board determines in its discretion.  The chair and members of this Committee shall be appointed by the Board with preference for the recommendations of the Committee.  In appointing the chair and members of the Committee, the Board shall consider whether the individuals have knowledge and experience reviewing proposals for continuing education courses.  The terms of the CE Committee chair and members shall be two years. 


The CE Committee is a vital part of SDPA.  The CE Committee strives to assess the training interests and needs of SDPA members on an ongoing basis.  The Committee's goal is to provide access to low-cost training courses so our members continue to develop professionally and can provide quality services to the public.  In addition to satisfying the requirements for licensure and re-licensure by the California Board of Psychology, courses presented are timely, relevant and culturally sensitive to the diverse populations served by our members.
Continuing Education

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