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2009  Lori Futterman, R.N. Ph.D.

During my presidency the Board engaged in four strategic planning sessions which resulted in creating and implementing the following goals.  We fostered new leadership by involving students and early career psychologists within our committees and the Board; we also increased the presence of both clinicians and academics into our association and focused on increasing diversity through the Culture Diversity Committee and LGBT Committees.  In addition, we continued our advocacy efforts and cultivated our relationships with legislators thanks to SDPA’s Government Affairs Committee and our relationship with CPA.  We also launched a membership drive which incorporated the Dual membership of SDPA and CPA.  Our visibility within the County of mental Health remained strong due to the dedication of the CMH Committee where we have held key advisory positions to the county and continued to advocate on the local level to promote our profession and contribute to the field of mental health.  In aligning with this goal we hosted two Town Hall Meetings, one on Health Care Reform and the other with the County and United Behavioral Health to help preserve the Fee-For-Service Sector of managed Med-Cal.  Overall, the efforts of the Board enhanced the presence of psychology. 

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