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2006  Nancy Haller, Ph.D.

Our focus in 2006 was to provide exceptional services to members as well as to the greater San Diego community.  Additionally, SDPA made valiant strides in forging a closer relationship with CPA, culminating in our 100-New-Dual-Members Campaign.  The importance and urgency of advocacy was illuminated this year and the vital role that CPA plays in our professional independence.  Monies were raised for the PAC at the Spring Conference.

During 2006 our active membership consisted of 800+ psychologists. We had 18 committees, 7 task force groups, and 8 association services.  Our focus included diversity issues, and our dedication was to ushering in new generations of psychologists.

The President’s Breakfast Club was an outreach initiative I started in January 2006 to meet with members for breakfast and conversation, and to hear their interests and ideas.  I traveled to different parts of San Diego County each month to be a part of the wide geographical region we served.  This ‘connection’ effort was exciting and it was met with appreciation from members who attended. The outcome was heightened awareness of opportunities for involvement with SDPA and the community.

Some of the services and benefits we provided to our members in 2006 included:

  •   One-hour free consultation with an attorney

  •   Continuing Education consisted of 41 different courses for a total of 115 credit hours. Combined attendance totaled nearly 1000 people.

  •   Informal networking opportunities were offered through our Outdoor Adventures group and the Arts Committee. The former organized hikes throughout San Diego County that were enthusiastically well attended by our members. Members of the Arts group formed a new musical group that provided entertainment during our Fall Conference social.

  •   Networking opportunities - three events were hosted by the Practice Management Committee. Members of affiliated mental health fields as well as business men and women were invited and attended.

  •   The Professional Retirement, Incapacitation or Death Committee offered an annual workshop, training in writing a professional will.
  •  Our monthly Newsletter routinely contained high quality articles of both professional and personal interest with advertising substantially offsetting the cost.
  •   Our weekly electronic newsletter, Friday Bulletin, kept members informed on activities and professional opportunities. It also has provided members means by which to locate referrals for clients in other areas of the country.

  •   We published our bi-annual Membership Directory and distributed it to over 250 San Diego County hospitals, educational institutions and other agencies.

  •   Our Membership Committee actively reached out to non-member psychologists in the community. We sponsored our annual New Member Reception.

  •   The Board unanimously approved the creation of a new membership category – New Doctorate/Early Career (later converted into a graduated dues structure under the category of Full Member).

  •   SDPA’s Website provided members, as well as the general public, with information about our profession and our Association. Members accessed referrals to other professional organizations, continuing education programs, past newsletters, sample office practice forms, membership directory information, and links to other professional sites. Publications and books authored by members were listed.

  •   SDPA’s Cross-Cultural Committee became a Liaison to CPA’s state-wide Diversity Task Force.

  •   Our commitment to diversity was exemplified through SDPA’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Committee. They provided professional and community education, updates and discussion of the issues involved in the treatment of lesbian, gay and bisexual and transgender individuals. Devoted to reducing misinformation and bias, the LGBT focused on increasing awareness, thereby making SDPA a resource for individuals seeking referrals.

  •   The Professional Information and Referral Service was a strong group. Any member who wished to join had the opportunity to develop their practice by participating in this program.

  •   Staffed by SDPA-member volunteers, Psychology 2000 offered psychological services to uninsured and under-insured individuals in the San Diego community in exchange for their participation in community service work.

 The Science Fair Committee participated in the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair. On behalf of the Association, the Committee selected exhibits for special awards based on creativity, scientific thought, thoroughness, skill and clarity displayed in the projects. SDPA provided over 12 judges for the 2006 Greater San Diego Engineering and Science Fair.

  •   Our Government Affairs Committee kept members informed on issues vital to psychology. As a result, Association members communicated often to legislators both in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. regarding our professional concerns. Additionally, Committee participants served as liaisons to each state and federal legislator from San Diego County.

  •   SDPA sent five members to the CPA Leadership Conference in Sacramento in 2006. Participation generated a renewed enthusiasm for greater collaboration between SDPA and CPA.

  •   A new representative to the Board of Psychology was appointed. She provided input to BOP as well as to our members about the Board’s activities and decisions.

  •   The Community Mental Health Task Force was active this year, especially regarding the allocation of funding from California’s Mental Health Services Acts. They also represented the SDPA on various advisory committees, boards and task forces related to public mental health services in San Diego County.

  •   In 2006 the Women’s Committee was reformed and saw incredible growth with three different generations of female psychologist members actively involved.

  •   The Children and Youth Committee rekindled APA’s Youth Violence Prevention and Resiliency programs.

  •   The Public Education and Media Committee’s Speakers’ Service offered numerous pro bono presentations to community groups, schools and hospitals.

  •   SDPA financially supported and participated in the annual NAMI walk and fundraiser.

    I was pleased to lead the San Diego Psychological Association in 2006 and honored to be recognized by the California Psychological Association as the 2006 recipient of the Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award.

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