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2001  Sharon Weld, Ph.D.

2001 started out in a fairly calm fashion with the Board establishing goals which focused on updating and improving some of SDPA’s inner workings, but violence in the San Diego community quickly re- focused the Association’s attention.  Early in the spring of 2001, San Diego was shocked by two school shootings, one at Santana High School and the other, not too long after, at Granite Hills.  SDPA’s Disaster Response Committee responded quickly and effectively providing services to those affected by the shootings.  Many of our members called in wanting to do something to help; the groundswell was the start of the Violence Prevention Task Force.  This task force continued work through the year, making use of an APA orchestrated video to offer violence prevention programs at many schools and in community settings.  Another community based effort began in 2001 with the launching of the SDPA Scholarship Committee.  This group raised funds to offer financial aid to needy teens hoping to go to college. Subsequently a non-profit, parent organization was created to house and support these and other SDPA efforts in the San Diego community.  The non-profit was called the SDPA Community Services Group.  Overall, 2001 was a very busy year with a great deal of involvement by SDPA members.  While practical changes were made (remodeling of the office, revising the website, purchasing of computer and LCD projector for continued education programs, etc.), the year was clearly marked by the local violence and the efforts of SDPA members to contribute to the community. 

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