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1993  Stephen Pfeiffer, Ph.D.

My Presidential year was shortened by an unexpected relocation for me and my family to San Francisco in the Fall of 1993.  John Natchison graciously and seamlessly stepped in to fill the breech 3 months early.  The main additions to the well running SDPA machine at that time were: 1) the initiation of regular meetings between myself and San Diego Psychiatric Association President, Steve Groban, aimed at identifying areas of mutual interest/concern, 2) a program in which SDPA reached out to Local, State, and Federal Legislators to provide them with trainings consisting of a 45 minute didactic presentation by a SDPA luminary, followed by a 60 minute small group experience for legislators and their staff led by an SDPA member: and 3) the initiation of an annual award at the SDPA annual banquet for a member of the media who had shown exemplary coverage of psychology issues in the broadcast or print press. 

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