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  • SDPA - Intersectionality Matters: Supporting Trans and Nonbinary People of Color

SDPA - Intersectionality Matters: Supporting Trans and Nonbinary People of Color

  • 05/07/2022
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom


Intersectionality Matters: Supporting Trans and Nonbinary People of Color

(NON-CE Workshop)

 Saturday May 7, 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Registration is closed if interested email sdpa@sdpsych.org

This workshop will serve as a continuation in learning about working with LGBQIA, transgender, and nonbinary individuals. Dr. Em Matsuno will introduce the concept of intersectionality and will illustrate ways in which race and gender impact the experiences of trans and nonbinary people of color. They will address how attending to intersectionality can shape clinical practice for mental health professionals.

The workshop will conclude with a panel discussion in which panelists will share their lived experiences to provide real life examples of the impact of intersectionality on the lives of trans and nonbinary individual.


Dr. Em Matsuno is an assistant professor in counseling and counseling psychology. Their research interests focus on trans and nonbinary minority stress and resilience using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Their main goal is to develop and test interventions to decease negative mental health outcomes and increase wellbeing among trans and nonbinary people. 

Kiona is an artist, educator, advocate, and activist in San Diego. They have been working in advocacy and activism for the last 16 years through organizations including Planned Parenthood, Wingspan, The San Diego LGBT Center, and grassroots community spaces in Tucson, Philadelphia, and San Diego.  Kiona has also worked in non-profit and religious institutions in roles focusing on racial justice, equity, and inclusion. Kiona’s lived experience as a queer Black person, years of training in non-violent communication and restorative practices, as well as years of advocacy for queer and trans youth in schools, foster care systems, and youth shelters, all come together to inform their approach to creating safer spaces through empathy, empowerment, and the centering of historically excluded peoples. They work primarily as a freelance educator and consultant to allow room for their artistic endeavors as a dancer, choreographer, and circus performer. Kiona currently lives in San Diego with their wife and child. 

Mathew was born in Sofia Bulgaria and raised in Tennessee after moving to the United States as a young child. In 2014 He graduated high school and went through multiple trading schools, receiving several certifications and learning about health for the body, mind and soul.  On June 8th, 2018 Matthew came out as transgender while he was living in an all girl’s sober living. Matthew is currently attending courses at the University of Phoenix, earning a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology. His long term goal is to his Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. Matthew’s goal is to work with transgender people who are also needing guidance and enouncement during their time of transition. 

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