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2024 Board Committee Liaisons    Committee List    Committee Chairs-Liaisons Roster

President   Debra Halliday, Psy.D.
Executive Committee (Standing)
Fall Conference Committee

President-Elect   TBD

Immediate Past President   Darlene Townes, Psy.D.
Fellows Committee
Nominations, Elections and Awards Committee (Standing)
Past Presidents Committee

Treasurer   Chad Cox, Psy.D.
Finance Committee (Standing)

Treasurer-Elect   (N/A)

Secretary   Chelsea Dudley, Psy.D.

Graduate Student Representative   Briana Powell
Graduate Students Committee

Member at Large - Community (Odd)  Glenn Lipson, Ph.D., APBB
Children, Youth and Family Committee
Community Mental Health Committee (Standing)
Disaster Psychology Committee
Public Education Media (PEM) Committee
Science Fair Committee

Member at Large - Continuing Professional Development (Even)   Golzar Kouklan, Psy.D.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee (Standing)

Member at Large - Diversity (Even)   Michelle Carcel, Psy.D.
Aging Issues Committee
Cultural Diversity Committee
LGBTQ Committee 
Men's Issues Committee
Women's Wellness Committee 

Member at Large - Ethics and Standards (Even)  Mariela Shibley Psy.D.
Ethics and Standards Committee (Standing)

Member at Large - Events (Odd)  Reid Kessler, Psy.D.
Events Committee

Member at Large - Government Affairs (Odd)   Robert Teel, Ph.D.
Government Affairs (GAC) Committee (Standing)

Member at Large - Membership (Even)  Kenneth Dellefield, Ph.D.
Membership Committee (Standing)

Member at Large - Professional Practice (Even)  Joanna Savarese, Ph.D.
Early Career Professionals (ECP) Committee
Supervision Committee
Contemplative Practices Committee

Member at Large - Professional Specialties (Odd)   Julia Rosengren, Psy.D.
Addictive Disorders Committee
Forensic Committee
Health Psychology Committee
Sport Psychology Committee

NOTE: Members at Large serve two-year terms.  The terms are designated as odd or even based upon the year the term starts.  If an MAL resigns during their term, a new MAL appointed by the Board must serve only to complete that term.  The purpose of this rule is to ensure that no more than five MALs depart in a given year.  See SDPA Bylaws.

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