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The Ethics and Standards Committee is a standing committee.  The purpose of the Ethics and Standards Committee shall be to provide consultation, education and peer advocacy to the members of SDPA, to protect the interests of the public by enhancing professional knowledge and conduct, to promote public awareness of ethical issues related to psychologists, to provide individuals having a complaint with resources and referrals to appropriate regulatory agencies, and to make recommendations to the Board regarding professional and ethical issues of general relevance.   The Ethics and Standards Committee shall be advisory only and shall not be authorized to act on behalf of the Board.  The Ethics and Standards Committee shall consist of at least five members.  The chair and members of the Committee shall be proposed by members of the Committee and approved by the Board.  The terms for the chair and members of this Committee shall be two years.  


The Ethics and Standards Committee is not disciplinary, nor does it serve in an enforcement capacity. Rather, it exists to serve SDPA members and the community at large through education and consultation.

The Committee works to stay abreast of current and changing ethical and legal concerns relating to psychologists. We prepare articles for the San Diego Psychologist and also provide continuing education relating to ethical and legal topics.  Our committee works as a team to offer optimal resources, references, and ethical and legal information for our members.  This is a board-selected committee.  Additionally, we provide Ethics on Call services for our members to respond to issues or concerns related to the practice of psychology. We try to respond to requests for consultation in a timely manner and strive to keep calls anonymous within ethical and legal parameters.

The Committee provides consultation through education.  The Committee cannot provide legal advice nor can a specific course of action be advised for your situation.  It is recommended that the advice of an attorney be obtained before making any decision that could have legal consequences.  In order to provide the best possible consultation, the Committee collaborates routinely on calls or requests for resources.  A deidentified record of all consultations is retained in the monthly meeting minutes. 

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