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Contact Person: Dr.Melissa Jones

P:  (619) 544-1435 ext. 421 

E: mjones@gatewayshospital.org

City: San Diego

State: CA

Zip: 92101

Expires: 11/14/23

Job Opportunity

Title of Classified Ad – Forensic Clinician – licensed or license-eligible

Description/Content – 

The Forensic Clinician must have a MSW, MA, MS, Psy.D. or Ph.D. from an accredited university and be license eligible in the state of California. This position requires participation in individual and group supervision as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and/or the California Board of Psychology.  


Gateways/San Diego County CONREP is an outpatient forensic treatment program designed to assist clients in their reintegration as they transition from higher levels of care, such as the Department of State Hospitals, while also mitigating their risk for recidivism.  


The Forensic Clinician coordinates the implementation of a forensic treatment and supervision plan within the interdisciplinary team serving individuals committed as Guilty, but not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, Offenders with Mental Health Disorders, and Incompetent to Stand Trial.  The responsibilities of the position include providing required core services such as individual and group treatment, collateral contacts, crisis intervention, annual staffings, and case management services to an adult forensic population. The Forensic Clinician participates in all routine and emergent team meetings.  In this role, the Forensic Clinician uses risk assessment tools to guide decision making.  The Forensic Clinician also generates court reports addressing clients’ progress and need for continued involuntary treatment, suitability for restoration to sanity, and need for placement in a locked setting.   The Forensic Clinician also provides expert witness testimony as needed.  


This position is an excellent opportunity for a professional seeking experience in a forensic mental health setting and to expand his/her skills in: 


  • Forensic treatment and supervision
  • Violence risk assessment 
  • Court report writing
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Crisis Intervention




·        Provides core services to an assigned caseload, including individual, group, and family treatment (as indicated) in accordance with level of care requirements.

·        Provides collaterals and case management services in accordance with level of care requirements.

·        Assesses client’s risk of violence using risk assessment measures and incorporates these findings into decision making and treatment/supervision plans.

·        Demonstrates an understanding of the Penal Codes that guide the services provided in CONREP and incorporates that understanding into decision making.

·        Demonstrates sound judgment in making clinical and supervision by incorporating feedback, guidance, theory, and experience focused on maintaining community safety.

·        Implements effective and relevant clinical interventions when delivering clinical care.

·        Conducts a thorough review of clients’ records and maintains a working understanding of each client’s risk factors and course of treatment.

·        Develops rapport with clients and fosters an environment supportive of treatment gains.

·        Sets reasonable limits and boundaries with clients as indicated, maintaining an objective and professional relationship with clients at all times.

·        Generates court reports and annual documentation in line with the program’s guidelines and expectations for each report.

·        Generates documentation for re-hospitalizations as needed.

·        Provides timely, accurate and well written documentation of all services rendered.

·        Provides ongoing, clear, and timely updates, verbally and in writing, to relevant team members regarding clients’ treatment and supervision plan, as well as any changes in clients’ functioning.

·        Completes and submits all required paperwork and updates logs in accordance with program guidelines. 

·        Works collaboratively with all members of the treatment team to facilitate excellent treatment and supervision for clients.

·        Participates in all relevant in-service training meetings as scheduled.  

·        Productively participates in weekly individual and group supervision. 

·        Incorporates guidance and feedback in individual and group supervision, training sessions, and informal teaching moments to improve his/her skills.

·        Maintains job interest and technical skills.

·        Establishes and maintains relationships with referring CONREP programs.

·        Works collaboratively and professionally with all attorneys, court officers, and law enforcement involved in clients’ cases.

·        Effectively manages his/her time, prioritizing in accordance with guidance from supervisors.

·        Responds appropriately under difficult or stressful circumstances.

·        Performs other additional related tasks as assigned.

For additional information and to apply, please visit https://www.paycomonline.net/v4/ats/web.php/jobs/ViewJobDetails?job=141016&clientkey=0E4AC8A6FD7D2375CD64614217F0D1D9

Contact Person: Dr. Lisa Davidson  


E: drdavidson2000@sbcglobal.net & drdavidsonoffice@att.net 

City: Vista

State: CA


Expires: 11/14/23

Employment Opportunity

Title:  Psychological Associate/Pre and Post-Doctoral Supervision/Licensed Psychologist - Practice Expansion

Description: Dr. Davidson's practice has expanded into Vista, CA.  She has her original practice location in Poway and a second practice location in Vista which opened in August 2023.  Positions are available for psychological associates/pre and post-doctoral supervision/licensed psychologists.  Positions will involve psychological/neuropsychological testing, individual, family and couples therapy in her busy private practice locations in Poway and Vista.  Excellent remuneration and benefits available.

Contact Person: Kelsey Bradshaw

P:  858-836-8347 

E: Kelsey.Bradshaw@sharp.com 

City: San Diego

State: CA


Expires: 11/1/23

Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital (Sharp Healthcare) is seeking a psychology postdoctoral fellow in our APA accredited doctoral program. It is a position within our inpatient units with opportunities to gain training and experience in supervision, direct patient care, assessment, and program development. Therapeutic care is across the lifespan with opportunities to work with a variety of disciplines (e.g., nursing, SW, psychiatry, dieticians, rec therapists), while working to become familiar with the role of a psychologist within an inpatient program.

Competitive applicants will be comfortable in the inpatient setting across the lifespan, skilled in group therapy, effective in interprofessional communication and collaboration. They will work from a CBT/ACT framework. Their values, training and experience will support trauma informed care, patient-centered care, the recovery model and cultural competence.

Please see job positing here for further details https://careers.sharp.com/job/san-diego/psychology-postdoctoral-fellow-behavioral-health-therapist-sharp-mesa-vista-full-time-1-0/1031/50613634608

Contact Person: Ruth Samad, Ph.D. 

P:  858-755-0600

City: San Diego

State: CA

Zip: 92109

Expires: 10/22/23

Job Opportunity

Program Administrator, Part-Time  

Searching for a long term, part-time Program Administrator.

ContinuingEdCourses.Net is a leading online Continuing Education provider.  We work with the leading authors to provide online courses for licensed practitioners in the mental health care space.   

Requirement: Licensed Psychologist with varied clinical experience. Some experience in teaching/education/presentation is preferred. Role is independent and collaborative in nature.

The Program Administrator is responsible for CE curriculum and author development, maintaining accreditation approvals, managing our advisory board, and assisting with long term course and content strategies.

The Program Administrator role is a long term, part time salaried role, with the current hourly average of 4-5 hours per week.  This role is 1099, remote, with expectations of some meetings during work day, and attendance and travel to industry based conferences as appropriate. 

If you are interested in keeping up with the latest research and writing in the field, this may be the job for you!

Contact Person:  Nicole Karst, Psy.D. 

P:  (760) 586-5832 
E:  nicolekarst8404@gmail.com 

City: La Jolla
State: CA
Zip: 92037

Expires: 9/27/23 


Inner Tribal Treatment (ITT) is an outpatient program in San Diego County designed for Indigenous Peoples living with problematic substance use. Our mission is to provide culturally sensitive resources for tribal communities, connecting traditional ways with recovery to support healing and wellness. 

We are recruiting our first trainee cohort as we prepare to open for business in September 2023. ITT is a Native owned 501c(3) nonprofit organization in Pauma Valley California. This location was selected to increase accessibility of services to those living on the reservations in Southern California. Our trainees will be given the unique opportunity to experience providing culturally defined care integrated with evidence-based practices to treat substance use and co-occurring disorders.

ITT will provide cultural training on topics including: Wellbriety, Native American Leadership, Native American Motivational Interviewing, Talking Circles, Sweat Lodge Ceremony, Native Language, bird singing and dancing, beading, Peon, grave digging, and the custom of giving back to the community. Trainees will attend events and fundraisers in the community to increase their awareness of the available resources to Indigenous communities of Southern California. Additionally, trainees will  interact with members of our Cultural Advisory Committee composed of members from various tribes in the community.

ITT will provide clinical training on topics including: integrating psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapies, Written Exposure Therapy, Imagery Rehearsal Therapy, dreamwork, and guided visualizations. Trainees will be presented opportunities to provide supervised direct care services including admissions assessments, individual therapy, group therapy, milieu therapy, crisis interventions, and discharge planning sessions. 

Those interested in accruing their post-doctoral hours at ITT are encouraged to reach out the their Clinical Director (Nicole Karst, PsyD) with a cover letter and CV at nk@innertribaltreatment.com

Nicole Karst, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Executive Committee Member at Surprise Farm Retreat Center

Member at Large for Professional Specialties for SDPA

Outreach and Dissemination Committee Chair for Division 50 of APA

Psychologist: PSY32340

Vocational Nurse: VN224444 (Inactive)

7777 Fay Ave, Suite 205

La Jolla, CA 92037

Contact Person:  Kelly Vincent, Psy.D.

P:  (760) 278-8934
E:  drkelly@nourishedwellnessgroup.com

City: Encinitas
State: CA
Zip: 92024

Expires: 9/25/23 


Nourished Wellness Group works to provide comprehensive mental health care that integrates evidence-based treatments from a holistic and inclusive lens. We are looking for a licensed clinician who is open, collaborative, and enthusiastic about a mind-body approach. Ideally, this individual would be interested in seeing individuals, couples, and families. Additional training in EMDR or other mind-body modalities would be ideal. To learn more about us visit: nourishedwellnessgroup.com. We are a small, family-like team who values collaboration, support, and fostering professional growth. 

Benefits Include:
Medical and dental 
Continuing education stipend
Flexible schedule (both virtual and in-office options)
Training in modern marketing
Training in mind-body modalities 
Please send an email to drkelly@nourishedwellnessgroup.com with your CV and letter of intent. If possible, a 2-min video introducing yourself. Looking forward to meeting you! 

Contact Person:  Andrea Karp, Psy.D.

P:  858-442-7797
E:  karp.andrea@gmail.com

City: San Diego
State: CA

Expires: 9/25/23 


Seeking an experienced Clinical Supervisor for first year doctoral graduate students for 3-6 hours/week.  Must be licensed clinical psychologist  (3 + yrs) with expertise in early childhood (toddlers a plus) to supervise 1st year doctoral graduate students who will be placed at a non profit specializing in working with unhoused families in San Diego.  A background in child development and trauma preferred.  Many of the clients are from the Latinx community.   Position to start by mid August.  

Contact Person: Carrie A. Morrison, Psy.D.
                             Director of Psychology and Addictive Disorders

P: (619) 667-6058
E: cmorrison@apibhs.com

City: La Mesa
State: CA
Zip: 91942

Expires: 9/28/23


Post-Doctoral Fellowship with Alvarado Parkway Institute (API)

Post-Doctoral Fellowship is a one year, full-time, benefited position in the psychiatric hospital and outpatient setting.

Annual Salary:  $56,160.00 with benefits

Required:         PsyD or PhD in Psychology
                          Eligible to register as a Psychological Assistant 

Responsibilities:  This position will be primarily assessment focused. Responsibilities will include administering, writing, and, when appropriate, providing feedback based on results of psychological evaluations and assessments in both inpatient and outpatient settings. They will work closely with the psychiatrist who is requesting the testing and will keep them updated on the progress.  

There will be times when orders for psychological assessments may slow down. If that should occur, the post-doc will be assigned other duties, such as individual therapy, group therapy, conducting safety assessments, administering addictive disorders assessments, and assisting with management duties.  

API is committed to assisting the Post-Doctoral Assistant in obtaining the hours needed for licensure and providing time during the year to study for the EPPP and Law & Ethics exams. Typical hours will be Monday through Friday with an occasional Saturday or Sunday. No evening hours.  

Alvarado Parkway Institute 
7050 Parkway Drive
La Mesa, CA  91942

Contact Person: Carrie A. Morrison, Psy.D.

P: (619) 667-6058
E: cmorrison@apibhs.com

City: La Mesa
State: CA
Zip: 91942

Expires: 9/28/23


Post-Doctoral Fellowship with Alvarado Parkway Institute (API)

  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship is a one year, full-time, benefited position in the psychiatric hospital and outpatient setting. 

    Annual Salary:  $56,160.00 with benefits

    Required:      PsyD or PhD in Psychology
                           Eligible to register as a Psychological Assistant 

    Responsibilities:  This is a blend of direct services with a heavy emphasis on management training. You will be considered part of the management team with the Psychology and Addictive Disorders Departments. Leadership development will be a major aspect of your training. Duties will include:

    review of practicum and intern psychological evaluation
    - administering, writing, and providing feedback based on results    of psychological assessment
    - mentorship of counseling trainees, practicum students, and         APA interns
    - individual therapy in inpatient and outpatient setting
    - group therapy in inpatient and outpatient setting
    - observation and evaluation of trainees’ facilitation of group            therapy
    - assistance with program development and implementation
    - participation in weekly management meeting
    - participation in weekly professional development/management    training

API is committed to assisting the Post-Doctoral Assistant in obtaining the hours needed for licensure and providing time during the year to study for the EPPP and Law & Ethics exams. Typical hours will be Monday through Friday with an occasional Saturday or Sunday. No evening hours.                                  

Alvarado Parkway Institute 
7050 Parkway Drive
La Mesa, CA  91942


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