Fellow is the highest level of membership in SDPA.  Fellows are nominated by the Fellows Committee and certified by the Board. A Fellow is a psychologist who can serve as a model to others.  To be a Fellow, a psychologist must excel in one of the following areas or a combination of those areas: exceptional service to the community (this could include serving on boards, developing community programs, helping shape policy, or being influential in some recognizable way); making a significant contribution to the profession of psychology (this could include outstanding performance in teaching, research, or writing); making a contribution to the local, state, or national psychological associations (this could include filling leadership positions, creating programs, or being influential in some recognizable way).  

Fellows in SDPA are listed below alphabetically:

Linda Altes, Ph.D.
Gale Bach, Ph.D.
Haim Belzer, Ph.D.
Harold Bessell, Ph.D.*
Steven Bucky, Ph.D.
Joanne Callan, Ph.D.*
Ann Carson, Ph.D.
Linda Charles, Ph.D.
James Chipps, Ph.D.*
Clark Clipson, Ph.D.
Annette Conway, Psy.D.
Cynthia Cotter, Ph.D.
William Dess, Ph.D.
David DiCicco, Ph.D.
Victoria DiCicco, Ph.D.
Katherine DiFrancesca, Ph.D.
Stephen Doyne, Ph.D.
Celia Falicov, Ph.D.
Janet Farrell, Ph.D.
Victor Frazao, Ph.D.
Glen Garman, Ph.D.*
Russell Gold, Ph.D.
John Grabel, Ph.D.
Bonita Hammell, Ph.D.*
Daniel Harris, Ph.D.*
Patricia Heras, Ph.D.
Sallie Hildebrandt, Ph.D.*
Martha Hillyard, Ph.D.
A. Thomas Horvath, Ph.D.
Brenda Johnson, Ph.D.
John Kachorek, Ph.D.
Beverly Kilman, Ph.D.
Victor Kops, Ph.D.*
Joel Lazar, Ph.D.
Richard Levak, Ph.D.
Peter LiBero, Ph.D.
Alan Lincoln, Ph.D.
Glenn Lipson, Ph.D., ABPP
Denruth Lougeay, Ph.D.
Wallace Lockwood, Ph.D.*
Thomas MacSpeiden, Ph.D.
John McCarron, Ph.D.*
Thomas McGee, Ph.D.
Reid Meloy, Ph.D.
Antonia Meltzoff, Ph.D.*
Jon Nachison, Ph.D.
Christine Osterloh, Ph.D.
Hugh Pates, Ph.D.
Margaret Peshel, Ph.D.*
Paul Pinegar, Ph.D.*
Erv Polster, Ph.D.
Katherine Quinn, Ph.D.
Ain Roost, Ph.D.
Patricia Rose, Ph.D.
Bruce Sachs, Ph.D.
Richard Schere, Ph.D.
Mary Harb Sheets, Ph.D.
Steven Sparta, Ph.D.
Gerald Sperrazzo, Ph.D.
Steven Tess, Ph.D.
Sharon Weld, Ph.D.
David Wexler, Ph.D.
Richard Worthington, Ph.D.*
Maurice Zemlick, Ph.D.*


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