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The purpose of the Graduate Students Committee is to stimulate SDPA membership among graduate students in psychology in San Diego and to better meet the needs of our graduate student members within the Association.  The Committee maintains liaisons with the local graduate schools, sponsors workshops of special interest to graduate students and offers a mentor program in which graduate student members are paired with licensed members who have offered to guide them as they enter the profession of psychology.

If you are interested in serving on this Committee, please contact our Office Manager.


May Newsletter

Graduate Student Website

Excellent Networking!
  Network with local psychologists at SDPA and Graduate Student Committee events.

Low and No Cost Continuing Education!  Attend lectures, workshops, courses, and seminars.

Opportunities To Present Research!  Present research at SDPA Conferences!

Free Subscriptions!  Receive SDPA newsletter/weekly E-Blasts free of cost.

Opportunities to Participate in Legislative Advocacy!   Receive legislative and professional news updates and participate in advocacy.

Free Ethical Consultations!  Speak with Ethics Committee members.

Opportunities to Build Expertise!  Learn from practicing psychologists by joining SDPA committees or representing students on Board of Directors.

Meet Psychology Graduate Students!  Network/collaborate with graduate students from other schools.

Free Events!  The Graduate Student Committee hosts events throughout the year.

Enhance You’re Career!  As a member of SDPA you can stand out and add this to your CV and meet local licensed psychologist with similar professional interests.

For applying to the official psychology internship, all individuals can utilize this website (https://accreditation.apa.org/accredited-programs) to search for different types of internships. They can sort the search results either by state, type of accreditation, or by the type of site that they are hoping to work out.

We are looking for new student leaders!  We are also looking for members to sponsor a student for an upcoming SDPA event.  

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San Diego, CA 92123

Office Manager
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