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SDPA Committee Event (Aging Issues) - Inaugural Meeting

  • 10/11/2021
  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Zoom


October 11, 2021
5:00 PM (Zoom)


Kenneth S. Dellefield, Ph.D.
Cynthia A. Cotter, Ph.D.

(Please RSVP your name and contact info to Cynthia A. Cotter, Ph.D. at cacphd@me.com if you wish to attend.  Thank you!)


The Aging Issues Committee (AIC) is a new SDPA committee approved by the Board in 2021.  The purpose of the Aging Issues Committee is to provide members with the opportunity to consult and network with others who work with older adults and to share treatment strategies and expertise.  The Committee also works to offer members and the public continuing education in issues related to aging.


1.)   Introduce members in attendance.  Ask members to share their interests in aging issues and what they hope to gain from participation in the AIC. 

2.)   Discuss possible role of AIC as a hub for psychologists in San Diego involved in treating older adults in multiple institutions and government/professional settings. 

3.)   Review list of possible events/activities for the AIC below and solicit other ideas.

4.)   Prioritize list of possible events/activities for the AIC.

5.)   Select one or two activities for initial committee focus and solicit volunteers to begin the work.



What are evidence-based treatment models for working with older adults?
How do you conduct group therapy with older adults in senior living settings?How do you teach staff in facilities to work well with older adults?How do I know when a client might be developing dementia?
How do older adults respond to medications differently than young adults?
How do older adults uniquely experience depression and anxiety?
What do I do if I suspect elder abuse is occurring?
How can I be of assistance to family of an elderly patient with cognitive loss or behavior change?
How can I be of help to older adults facing life style transitions (retirement, living setting, losses of physical capabilities)?
How do I provide counseling for grief/loss in older adults?
What are sources of funding (such as Medicare) available for psychology services provided to older adults?
What are the unique challenges faced by older adults in the 2020s in the U.S.?Caregiver challenges and how to address them in therapy.
Multicultural and cohort challenges in working with older adults.
“To move on not to move” and other tough decisions.
Understanding causes and solutions for suffering for older adults.
Lifestyles that contribute to wellbeing.
Helping clients prepare for aging with grace and contentment.

Professional Consultation

Provide opportunities for members to obtain consultation related to work with older adults.

Specialty Training/Professional Opportunities

Advocate for new clinical training opportunities for students who wish to specialize in geriatric psychology or neuropsychology.


Develop programs of support for older adults in the community, particularly those in senior residential facilities.


Send representatives to participate in community agencies such as County Mental Health, Aging and Independent Services, etc.  

Better understand governmental support and involvement in problems associated with older adult mental health.

Engage in legislative advocacy related to mental health of older adults.

Aging Psychologists

Provide opportunity for members to discuss issues of aging as psychologists.

Preparing for your own aging.

Discuss the benefits and risks in continuing to practice into later years.

Discuss ways in which aging psychologists can assure themselves that they are maintaining appropriate levels of competence in their practices as they age.  

SDPA Publications/Website

Publish monthly an article related to aging that is included in the Office E-News.

Maintain on the SDPA website resources for members related to aging issues.

Enlist participation of SD community psychologists experienced in geriatric psychology to participate in SDPA podcasts.

AIC Committee Website

Develop a website for older adults in the community related to mental health issues that includes information/links to SD County senior opportunities for education, work, voluntarism, entertainment, etc. to enhance quality of life.

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