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History of CICAMH Collaboration

The first Critical Issues in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CICAMH) Conference was held on March 12, 2016 at the AMN Healthcare Auditorium.    CICAMH Conference Program Booklet 2016

The development and planning of the event began in summer 2015 when SDPA was invited and agreed to join our community mental health partners.  After a year of planning, the event was developed as a collaborative effort of the San Diego Psychological Association (SDPA), the San Diego Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists (SDACAP), the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT), UCSD Community Psychiatry, SDSU Graduate School of Public Health, and the San Diego Psychiatric Society (SDPS).  The chair of the inaugural event was Jeff Rowe, M.D. Supervising Psychiatrist for the Juvenile Forensics Division of the County of San Diego Behavioral Health Services.  

The initial planning committee included Neha Bahadur, M.D. Past-President of SDACAP; Kiefer Rich, LMFT, President of SD CAMFT; Linda Kernberg, MFT, Fred Finch Youth Center; Mary Mulvihill, Ph.D. Graduate School of Public Health, SDSU; Nasim Bavar, LMFT, Past-President SD CAMFT; Katherine Quinn, Ph.D. Past-President of SDPA; Anthony Jensen, M.D., M.H.S., President of SDACAP; Ellen Colangelo, Ph.D. President of SDPA; Mark Chenven, M.D., Executive Medical Director, Vista Hill, SmartCare Behavioral Health, SDACAP; Anoop Karippot, M.D. AKANE Institute, SDACAP; Edith Mohler, County of San Diego, Children, Youth & Families, Behavioral Health Services; Ali Freedman, Psy.D. Fred Finch Youth Center; and Connie Kopf, Executive Administrator, SDACAP.

 The 2016 CICAMH Conference Planning Committee:

Row 1 - Mary Mulvihill, Ph.D. (SDPA), Ali Freedman, Psy.D., Anoop Karippot, M.D., Nasim Bavar, LMFT, Linda Kernberg, MFT, Katherine Quinn, Ph.D. (SDPA), Connie Kopf, and Keny Leepier.

Row 2 - Jeff Rowe, M.D., Anthony Jensen, M.D., Kiefer Rich, LMFT, and Neha Bahadur, M.D.

 2016 Conference Registration Table
Linda Kernberg, MFT, Connie Kopf, Katherine Quinn, Ph.D., and Mary Mulvihill, Ph.D. (background).
 2016 Conference Attendees! Neha Bahadur, M.D.
with the casual lunch
provided at the event!

 Jeff Rowe, M.D.
 Alfredo Aguirre, LCSW
Behavioral Health Director
County of San Diego
Health and Human Services Department
 Walter Kay, M.D.
Presenter on Eating Disorders

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